Welcome to The Elemental Spirit!

You’ve reached your digital home for living the ways of earth, water, fire, air and spirit, green living, general natural spirituality and other spiritual inspiration for living the fullest life. This website is meant to be nondenominational: anyone from any walk of life and belief system can benefit from natural spirituality and green living. This is the way of meditating next to a peaceful stream to get rid of the stress of the day, meditating over a candle while reflecting on the concept of courage, grounding exercises for clarity and the art of conscious breathing for mental acuity. It’s the way of living in the moment and seeing divinity in everything. It’s the way of putting the best of nature into our bodies and into the environment.

Most importantly, it’s the way of the self-directed path. You are your own person with your own spiritual needs and personal outlook. Pick and choose, and think for yourself. If something doesn’t add up with your reality, don’t use it. There’s an old Tibetan Proverb: “Someone whose faith is not grounded in reason is like a stream than can be led anywhere.” I merely offer a resource for natural living because it has benefited me, and I wish to share what I’ve learned.