Basic Earth Cycle Meditation

This is a guided mediation adapted from a ritual exercise for summoning the four elements. You’ll need nothing but peace and quiet, a journal and your own power of visualization. It’s meant to open you up to the stages of earth and connect with its levels of power. Through the exercise, you will hone your visualizations skills, reflect on the elements and come to know earth’s full beauty.

  1. Start by sitting straight with your legs folded. Slow your breathing and focus on your breath as you inhale and exhale. Keep doing this until you feel utterly relaxed and calm.
  2. Start by picturing a desert. You see the sand, cacti, a small lizard scurries past. All is dry, but a quiet life exists here among the spikes and needles. Sit for a moment and just feel this place.
  3. Now you are in a more lively field. The grass is knee high, prairie dogs watch from the distance, the grass sways in the breeze. Focus on the scene entirely and just feel the moment.
  4. Now you are in a vibrant forest. Squirrels run up the large, ancient trunks of oak trees, a green light shines down form the canopy, smaller trees form a dense curtain of green, underneath you is spongy soil made new from the yearly leaves falling. Everything smells earthy and fresh. Alive. Sit for a moment and drink it in.
  5. While still in the forest, reflect on the concept of abundance: think about your favorite food, how that food was made, what part of the earth it came from, then give thanks to the earth for her gifts. (Remember, even if your favorite food is a man made concoction like Pop-Tarts, the flower in the crust still came from the earth. Unless your favorite food is Twinkies, then you should really re-evaluate your diet…)
  6. Now you are on top of a mountain. A whole range of peaks stretches into the distance.   Under you is old, steady rock from when tectonic plates were smashing into each other eons ago. A mountain goat leaps past. A hearty, small tree clings precariously to a cliff edge nearby. Sit in the moment utterly once again.
  7. Now bring it back. You are on the mountain, then back in the forest, then the field, then the desert. Take a moment to reflect in the darkness how you felt at each of these stages and what the element meant to you.
  8. I recommend keeping a journal next to you during these practices. Record any insights from the meditation. You may merely have basked in earth’s full splendor, or you may have had an epiphany while you were in the forest. Sometimes you might have a passing thought that is only understandable later. At any event, it’s worth recording.
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