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Basic Candle Meditation for Inner Strength

This is a good meditation to connect with the element of fire on the physical plane. This will also open you up to the spirit of the fire and help you understand inner strength, since fire is a strong element associated with courage and strength. You’ll need a red candle, a lighter, a table, a journal and some quiet.

  1. Slow your breathing and focus on it completely. Do this until you feel calm and at peace.
  2. With the candle in front of you on the table, light it with the lighter. Watch how the flame erupts, catches, dances.
  3. Keep your mind clear and watch the flame. Just focus on it and nothing else. The flame should become your entire world. Keep this up for as long as it takes to feel totally immersed by the flame.
  4. Once you feel “at one” with the flame, free associate what inner strength means to you. How does that relate to the flame? What can the element teach us about strength? Hold those questions in your mind as you watch the flame.
  5. You may come up with an answer or you may not be ready yet. Give the exercise as many attempts as needed. If nothing comes, go back to simply watching the flame. Let it become your world again.
  6. When you are ready, blow out the flame. Be sure to watch the smoke rise and dance. Sometimes the mind will impose images in the smoke, like it would an inkblot test or a cloud. Watch out for these, it may mean something to you. Your mind may be trying to tell you something.
  7. Record any insights in your journal.

Basic Fire Cycle Meditation


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Here’s yet another guided mediation adapted from a ritual exercise for summoning the four elements. You’ll need peace and quiet, a journal and your own visualization powers. It’s meant to open you up to the stages of fire and connect with its levels of power. Through the exercise, you will hone your visualizations skills, reflect on the element and come to know the passionate forces of fire.

  1. Start by sitting straight with your legs folded. Slow your breathing and focus on your breath as you inhale and exhale. Keep doing this until you feel utterly relaxed and calm.
  2. Start by visualizing a candle. See the flame in its eternal dance, its raw energy. Sit for a moment, watch the flame.
  3. Now you are in front of a bonfire. See the flame consume the logs, continue in its dance, shoot off sparks. Feel the warmth on your face. Bask in its glow for a moment.
  4. Now you are outside on a sunny day. Feel the full radiance and warmth of the sun. See its powerful rays (don’t look in real life!). Sit for a moment.
  5. While still under the sun, reflect on courage and regeneration: when was a time you showed courage, could you use more? Could something in your life use regeneration?
  6. Now bring it back. You are in the sun rays, then in front of bonfire, then in front of a candle. Reflect on how that made you feel and any thoughts along the way.
  7. Record any insights from the meditation in your journal. You may merely have basked in fire’s full splendor, or you may have had an epiphany while you were under the sun. Sometimes you might have a passing thought that is only understandable later. At any event, it’s worth recording.