Welcome to the air section of this site. Air is the realm of thoughts, communication, prayer, inspiration, dreams and wishes. It’s the side of us that yearns for communication and contact, loves a good story and dreams big. Air is good for stimulating the intellect (how many times have you taken a deep breath to clear your head and focus?) and encouraging creativity. Air symbolizes intellectuals, writers and storytellers.

This section contains work to boost your mind and your inspiration. You’ll find ways to meditate with incenses and incense uses (as smoke is carried by air), ideas for breathing exercises and you’ll discover the world of guided and spiritual writing. Browse this section and let your mind soar. While we’re on the topic of the intellect, I also invite you to look at the further reading suggestions here.

Here are some posts to get you started:

Basic Air Cycle Meditation

Wind Meditation for Creativity and Problem Solving